Our School

Clendon Park School in Manurewa caters for Year 1-6 mainstream students and Year 1-8 Maori and Samoan bi-lingual students.

Our students come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. This brings a great richness to our school. Staff, student and our community are immensely proud of our school. There are many opportunities to celebrate each others uniqueness. Our students are friendly, confident, engaged learners who actively participate in a wide range of academic, sporting, cultural, artistic and environmental programmes.


  • Built in 1971
  • Situated on the Northern end of Rowandale Ave, Manurewa, Auckland
  • Named after the generally known area (Clendon)
  • All classes in the school have mixed levels (ie, composites of two years)
  • The school is separated into four teams - Junior, Senior, Te Whanau Awhina and Tautua Mo Tupulaga Samoa.
  • Roll growth was particularly rapid during 2004. The roll continues to grow at a rate of 25 per year.
  • Twelve ethnic groups are represented. Maori is the largest 43%, Samoan 30%, Cook Island 8%, Tongan 9% and Niuean 2%. We also have NZ European 1%, Cambodian 3, Indian 1% and the remaining 3% are Fijian, Tokelauan, Thai and Vietnamese families.
  • The school is a Health Promoting School.
  • A Maori bi-lingual unit was established in 2000. This has now increased to seven bi-lingual classes.
  • Four Samoan bi-lingual classes. Samoan bi-lingual classes (two) were established in 2006.
  • A long standing Board of Trustees of five elected and four co-opted members.