Welcome to Clendon Park School

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Clendon Park School learning community.

Clendon Park School prides itself in providing a stimulating multicultural environment that promotes curiosity, independence and challenge while also developing respect for each other, ourselves and the environment. At Clendon Park School we understand the importance of building strong relationships between home and school we see ourselves as working closely together in a partnership to raise student achievement. We are committed to providing an open and inviting learning community where effective communication is of the utmost importance.

We have a dedicated and talented team who work hard together to deliver the best educational opportunities for your children. We believe in holistic education and offer a wide range of outstanding opportunities across the academic, sporting, cultural, artistic and environmental learning areas.

We look forward to working alongside you all.




Term Dates and Holidays



Tuesday 29th January

Waitangi Day – Wednesday 6th February



Friday 12th April

(106  half days)  11 wks


 Monday 29th April

Queen’s Birthday - Monday 3rd June


Friday 5th July

(98 half days) 10 wks


Monday 22nd July


Friday 27th September

(100 half days) 10 wks


Monday 14th October

Labour Day - Monday 28th October


Thursday 12th December

(86   half days) 9 wks

                                                                                                                 390 half days


2019 - Holidays

Schools will be closed in 2019 on Saturdays and Sundays

and on the following holidays:

Auckland Anniversary Day         Monday 28th January   start of Term 1

Waitangi Day Wednesday 6th February     within Term 1

Good Friday Friday 19th April   within school holidays

Easter Monday Monday 22nd April   within school holidays

Easter Tuesday Tuesday 23rd April   within school holidays

Anzac Day Thursday 25th April   within school holidays

Queens’ Birthday Monday 3rd June   within Term 2

Labour Day Monday 28th  October within Term 4

Key Competencies in Action

At Clendon Park School we were interested in what the key competencies... more