Home School Partnership

Working together in partnership is a powerful way to help children learn. The partnership between home and school is very important.

Home School Partnership has been a real strength in our school over the last four years.

Regular meetings

These meetings are held once or twice a term and focus on exploring ways to help your child at home in reading, talking, writing, maths and with their social skills. Our meetings are run in Tongan, Niuean, Samoan and English.

Meetings are about one hour long, starting at 6.00pm. They are very valuable for sharing ideas in a group and are lots of fun. Watch our newsletter for meeting dates-we hope to see you there.

This year's evenings are;

  • Term 1 - Ways to support Numeracy at home
  • Term 2 - Understanding your reports
  • Term 3 - Supporting digital learning at home
  • Term 4 - Ways to support Literacy at home

This section of the website is designed to help whanau support their child(rens) learning at home.