Interest Groups

Our students and staff have vast interests. We encourage these interests in a number of ways across the school.




Clendon Park is committed to providing as many sporting opportunities as possible for our students.  Throughout the year, students in Years 5 – 8 have the opportunity to represent our school in swimming, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, rippa rugby, ultra rip, soccer, ki-o-rahi, volleyball, netball, basketball, cross country, touch, softball and athletics.  We are part of both the Year 7-8 Central Counties Sports Association (CCSA) and the Year 5-6 Manurewa Primary Schools Sports Association (MPSSA).  We endeavour to enter teams in every CCSA and MPSSA event throughout the year.


In 2011, we won the Year 7-8 Auckland Touch Championship – our greatest sporting achievement to date at the Year 7-8 level.  In 2015, we won the Year 5-6 MPSSA Rugby competition for the very first time.


We are always looking to expand our students’ sporting horizons and, in the past, have introduced them to other sports, such as rock climbing, kilikiti, squash, golf and Aussie Rules.  We are always on the lookout for other sports that may pique our students’ interests.


We also endeavour to provide as much free professional coaching to our students as we can.  In 2016, we have (so far) scheduled coaching for swimming, rugby, ki-o-rahi and volleyball.

CDL (Clendon Developing Leaders)

A leadership programme for students in the senior school. This programme is overseen by Desmond Moemoe and supported by facilitators from outside our school. 

School Councillors


Cultural Groups

We have a large number of cultural groups in our school. These groups are trained by our staff and community. The groups participate in the Maori and Polynesian Festivals held annually. They also perform regularly at our Cultural Evenings and at school assemblies. If you would like to help with the training of our groups, please do not hesitate to contact us. We really value your support.



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