Room 6

Room 6 is a Year 6 / 7 /8  class.


Mihi nui ki a koutou,


This is a letter of introduction, as well as an outline of what you and your child can expect from being in Room 6 this year.


I have been teaching since 2000, and have worked at Clendon Park School since July, 2004.  I am an Associate Principal, the Manulua Team Leader and Director of Sport at our school.  I taught in Te Whanau Awhina from 2007 – 2014, returning to Manulua in 2015.  I am married to Kylie (who is also a teacher) and we have one daughter – Lily, who is nine years old.  We have two cats (Harry and Bowie).


Whaea Maxine Motuapuaka will teach our class every Thursday, as I am on release that day.


In Term 1, we go to the Manurewa Leisure Centre Pools every Monday afternoon.  It is essential that your child brings their togs on Mondays – otherwise, they will be put into another class for the afternoon.  We are also able to use the school pool on Fridays, so togs are needed then.


If your child is absent from school, you must contact the office to let them know the reason for the absence.  If a pattern of absence emerges, or if your child is regularly away from school, I will make contact with you to find out what can be done to help.  If absences continue, I am required by law to contact truancy services and refer the issue to them.


Homework is given every Monday and it is to be returned the following Monday.  As the tamariki have an entire week to complete their homework, I do not accept any excuses as to why it has not been done.  If it has not been done, or if I feel a minimal effort has been made, students will be required to weed our gardens during their morning tea and lunchtime.


Correct school uniform must be worn at all times.  This is a yellow school shirt, and blue shorts/skirt/skort.  No other colours are permitted.  Students are not permitted to wear bracelets or wristbands.  Necklaces are not permitted (this does not include taonga) and only stud earrings are allowed.  In Terms 1 and 4, it is also compulsory to wear a hat each day.  If your child is not wearing the correct school uniform, I require a note from home explaining why.


We have a class blog (, which will be regularly updated.  It will feature videos, photos and examples of your child’s work throughout the year.  We also have a class writing blog (, where the tamariki publish their writing.  We would love to see comments and feedback on these sites!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school on 267 6671, extension 856.


Naku noa,


James Dawson

Room 6 kaiako.