Tautua mo Tupulaga

Talofa lava! Tautua mo Tupulaga is simply defined as Serving our Younger Generation.

We are exceptionally fortunate in being able to provide Samoan bilingual units from Year 1 - Year 8 to meet the needs of our Samoan students and community.  Tautua mo Tupulaga provides our Samoan students with the opportunity to maintain their culture and extend their language within a Samoan bilingual setting.  Within the Samoan bilingual unit the Samoan language, culture and protocols are celebrated and valued throughout the whole school.  Teaching and learning programmes are planned in consultation with Samoan students and community.  Tautua mo Tupulaga are a separate team in the school but integrate into the mainstream school for professional development and schoolwide activities.

Below is the enrolment policy setting out the criteria for eligibility of students to be admitted into the Samoan bilingual unit.


Rationale: Within our school, we have, at the request of our Samoan community, provided an opportunity for our Samoan students to learn in a setting that aims to maintain and extend their culture and heritage. 


1.       We are able to cater for 110 Samoan bi-lingual students.  We therefore, need to have enrolment criteria to determine entry priority into our unit. 


Part 1:  Compulsory Requirement 

1.       An interview will be necessary for all applicants.  During the interview, parents/caregivers of all applicants will be required to confirm that they understand and accept the minimum level of commitment for participation in and support of the Samoan bi-lingual programmes and activities and attendance at regularly scheduled fono.

Part 2:  Students who meet two or more of the following criteria will take priority (criteria are not in priority order) 

1.       Proficiency in the Samoan language.

2.       The Samoan language is spoken at home.

3.       Siblings of students in the unit.

4.       Students recently arrived from Samoa.

5.       Students who have attended a Samoan bi-lingual preschool.

6.       Students who transfer from another Samoan bi-lingual unit.

7.       The student’s current achievement levels.

8.       Student commitment.

9.       Parent commitment.

The final decision on admission to the Samoan bi-lingual unit will rest with the Team Leader of Tautua mo Tupulaga o Samoa and the Principal.

The New Zealand Curriculum Document, the Samoan Language Document and the School Charter are used as the main basis for the planning of teaching learning programmes in Tautua mo Tupulaga.  Regular community fono are scheduled to ensure that Samoan parents are consulted with, informed and able to contribute actively to the shaping of policies and teaching learning programmes for students in the unit.  Fono also enable our Samoan parents to plan a wide range of events and activities collaboratively with staff and students in the unit.

Fanau Information

  • All Tupulaga classes meet each Monday and Friday mornings from 8.55am to 9.15am for lotu and fanau are welcome to attend.
  • From mid 2017 we will have five Samoan bi-lingual classes  We are currently catering for classes from New Entrant/Year 1, Year 1/2, Year 2/3, Year 3/4, Year 5/6, Year 7,8.
  • Our Samoan bi-lingual students are able to remain at our school for Years 7/8 (Intermediate schooling).
  • The current classes in Tautua mo Tupulaga are:



          Room 4
          Tali Taua (Year 0, 1, 2)

          Room 5
          Epenesa Laloava (Year 3, 4)

          Room 3
          Vera Tesese (Year 4, 5, 6)

          Room 2
          Tasi Lokeni (Year  6, 7, 8)