Te Whanau Awhina

Te Whanau Awhina no Clendon Park School

Te Whanau Awhina was established in February 2000 as a result of our Maori community's requests for the school to set up a Maori bi-lingual unit. In 2000 two Maori Enrichment classes were set up following comprehensive community consultation hui.
The name, Te Whanau Awhina, was chosen by Whaea Martha Enoka, the first kaiako Te Reo. The whakaaro behind this name was to reflect the way the community and the school work very closely together in partnership to enhance Maori student achievement and the engagement of our Maori students in their learning. The establishment of Te Whanau Awhina immerses students in Te Ao Maori, which includes Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori.

Te Whanau Awhina has grown into a very vibrant and independent unit. The students holistic achievement is very much celebrated by our Maori community.

We have been very fortunate to have the guidance and tautoko of our Kaumatua, Papa Alec Tairua, who blessed Te Whanau Awhina at the opening. Since then, he has been a cornerstone of the unit's growth and achievements and his aroha and commitment will never be forgotten.


Te Whanau Awhina has grown to comprise eight classes;

Team Leader
Dudley Adams

Room 24 
Ngamamaerua Pou (Year 0, 1)

Room 25 

Cynthia Belk (Year 2)

 Room 21

 Noelle Adams (Year 3)

Room 23 

Carter Ohlson (Year 3)

Room 28
Hone Foulds (Year 4, 5)

Room 27
Dereck Paora (Year 5, 6)

Room 20

Matina Grace (Year 6, 7, 8)

Room 22
Desmond Moemoe (Year 6, 7, 8)